grateful for the sprinkled in good

This month got me like:

I took some time to explore the good sprinkled within the madness and found myself feeling grateful.
So, I made a list.
I mean, of course I made a list…
Imma call it ‘Gratitude: get you some’ (or something like that)

With all sincerity I’m grateful for:

celebrating Thing 1’s birthday
freak snow storm
Baby K weekends (even when she doesn’t sleep and we switch to EDT)
being a helper (and earning money doing it)
the honor of knowing some seriously wonderful humans
peanut butter toast
black elderberry – echinacea – C vitamins – acetaminophen – ibuprofen – sudafed
vodka lemonade
warmer days
working well with YBW
Essie Bustling Bazaar polish
discovering The Bitter Southerner
being handy enough to patch and paint closet in preparation of new system installation (also grateful for upcoming closet porn but that’ll be it’s own post)
the group chat with Thing 1 and Thing 2
kick ass laundry machines
cleaning roof terrace and setting up rugs and furniture in anticipation of all the #porchlife
work schedule flexibility
air travel (Thing 2 arrives Thursday)
YBW’s nurturing and caregiving
driveway chalk playtime with Baby K
the ability to read
H2BAR box
orange juice (with calcium & vitamin D – no pulp)
AT&T offering FREE Samsung S22 devices (new phone who dis?)
Ryan Reynolds (we watched both Free Guy and The Adam Project this month)
Shuttle Art G-Line pens
my monogram hoodie

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a tune for Tuesday vol 162

It took me an unusually long time to like this song.
But now I do, I have to share it.

Check out Chapstick by Coin and let me know what you think.

Please listen responsibly.

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my own March madness

I’m at school more than I’m not.

How do kindergarteners know how to cuss?
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” when no one is even speaking.

Incident report because first grader beat me up.
Bite marks and bruising, but no broken skin – right forearm. Bruising from heel kicks – right shin. Redness from backhand punches – nose and left cheek.

School. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
It’s too much.
SPED class teachers and TAs are heroic.
Or crazy.
Am I a glutton for punishment?
I just wanted to help.

So tired.
Got sick.
Haven’t actually been sick in four or five years.
Worn slap out.

Sub job canceled today.
Sweet relief.
Can nurse this cold in peace.

No creative energy.
Literally just putting one foot in front of the other.
Fortunately it’s over now.

Linger in steamy shower.

Tomorrow brings something new.
Am hopeful.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 161

I absolutely adore this song about old friends by this young man, Jordan Topf
This chorus though.

All of the friends I had before
Are raindrops just falling at my door

Every word you said is just a memory stuck in my head
Like a videotape, it’s just a memory slipping away
Echoes in the dark fading where we are
Every word you said is just a memory stuck in my head

Check out Memory by Windser and let me know what you think.

Please listen responsibly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 160

Most of the time you’re happy to be a weirdo. Other times you’re ashamed.
I paraphrased a bit, but these are excellent lyrics of their own accord.

Weird is a blanket we all wear at one point or another. The trick is not wearing Weird’s miserable cousin, Shame.
Most of us outgrow our Shame blankie.
Some of us outgrow our Weirdo blankie.

Some of us grow to the point of letting our Weirdo blankie freak flag fly and giving shame the back of our middle finger.
I may not be the healthiest Weirdo in the room, but I left Shame at the door. I don’t have time for that foolishness anymore.

Check out Weirdo by The Charlatans and let me know what you think.

Please listen responsibly.

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Beyond the Eats for Thing 1’s birthday

Thing 1 is twenty eight today!
Please join me in wishing my very first girl the happiest birthday!

To celebrate the anniversary of her birth we went Sunday evening to see a guy she’s been watching for over twenty years.

We had VIP tickets which admitted us to a small group Q and A before the live show.

Thing 1 asked what was his favorite episode of Good Eats to make.
He told her, “The House That Dripped Chocolate.”
She said, “Oh my God! That gave me nightmares!”
He got all smiley and said, “Really?”
She confirmed and told him it was so creepy.
Then with the most sincere joy, Alton Brown thanked my daughter.
Y’all, she’s gonna hold that forever!

Alton began his Beyond the Eats show by sharing his ‘culinary regrets’. Telling the true story of his five year old self making s’mores for his family with ex lax chocolate he’d found in his visiting aunt’s belongings.

Audience members were invited onstage to play a food quiz game called Eat This.

Today, Thing 1, Baby K, and I will go to lunch and visit our favorite bookshop before they return home to celebrate with Husband N when he gets home from work.

My girl was born on a dark and stormy night this day twenty eight years ago.
She made me a Momma and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Happy Birthday, Bear!
I love you more than the whole wide world!

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a tune for Tuesday vol 159

I am all about the vibe this song brings!
Great lyrics.
Blusey riffs.
Molly Hamilton’s breathy vocals.

Everything is simple ’til it’s not
You learned to love the ropes when you were caught
Everything is simple ’til it’s not
Everything is simple

Check out Everything is Simple by Widowspeak and let me know what you think.

Please listen responsibly.

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I feng(ed) the shui

Friday morning I came downstairs and said FUUUUUCK!
Why? you ask.
Well, because the room was perfect.
What now? you ask.

The guy was coming to finish the installation of the automated black out shades. Which meant the sofa, console table behind the sofa, and a jungle’s worth of plants needed to be moved to allow him room to work.
YBW and I didn’t even think of it before we went to bed Thursday night which left it all to me Friday morning.

I mean:

But that damn sofa is heavy to move all by myself.

I was able to push everything away from the window without messing up the rug (go me!) then waited for the guy to arrive.

Sent this pic to YBW, “So we forgot something last night and I’ll be needing your help when you get home.”
I also sent it in the group chat with the girls.
Thing 2: “You funged the shway!! (phonetic spelling, because I’m not gonna try that)”
Me: “Bahahahahaha!”

I feng(ed) the hell out of the shui, y’all.
But it was so worth it.
Check out the light blocking shades.

Now we can watch TV during daylight hours without glare.
In the grand scheme of things, television glare isn’t that serious, but in the Roby scheme of things, it kind of is (that serious).
YBW’s happy because they’re automated and connected to the smart house hub. I actually prefer the app on my phone, I think it works faster.
I’m happy because there’s no more glare if I want to have the TV on while I eat lunch.

We continue making this house our home.
It doesn’t have to be all at once.
Creating a home takes time.
Creating a home takes care.
We’re on it, y’all!

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would you rather – dix-septième partie

have (legit won) an Olympic Gold Medal or a Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize (for literature, natch…or maybe peace, because why the hell not?)

have a dog that hummed or a cat that whistled
whistling cat
Except for Izzy, who yowled for her own entertainment, every cat I’ve ever had was pretty quiet so I feel confident that there would only be occasional whistling

have one wish granted today or three wishes granted five years from now
I’ll take my wish now please and thank you
not so much because I’m incapable of delaying my gratification, but because one wish would do me

go camping or go to Las Vegas
and however much I excel at it I cannot express to y’all the passion with which I hate to camp

never be able to wear makeup or only wear one color for the rest of your life
I have blonde eyebrows – I need mascara.
and if I could only ever wear blue or green that would work for me…

What about y’all?
What would you rather?

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a tune for Tuesday vol 158

I absolutely adore this one!
I love that Hold U a love song applicable to a myriad of different loving relationships.
How many times have we said to or heard from someone we love something along the lines of the chorus?

And I will hold you, I will hold you, oh-oh
I will hold you, I will hold you
And I will hold you, I will hold you, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright

Check out this Indigo De Souza track and let me know what you think.

Please listen responsibly.

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