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a tune for Tuesday vol 55

I got an email from YBW on Thursday. In the subject line: Tune for Tuesday option?
The song is Animal by Claptone.

The video is weird but kind of cool.
Apparently it’s two German guys, a DJ and producer, and they wear the gold plague mask in real life.
The song has a strong underlying techno, which I don’t normally like. But the more I listened to it, the more I found myself enjoying it.
Let me know what you think!

Please listen responsibly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 54

Every once in a while I’ll hear a song I dig by an artist I’m ambivalent about.
In this case, the artist is Beck, and the song is Uneventful Days.
What do you think?

Please listen responisbly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 53

Being away for three weeks left a hole in my musical education.
I missed new music. I missed learning new things about music I’ve already heard.
Not to mention we returned slap in the middle of holiday music season…

But, I was rewarded with this little ditty in the car one cloudy afternoon.
Check out She Plays Bass by beabadoobee.

Please listen responsibly.

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joy and gratitude

I know this time of year is tricky.
For some it’s a straight up ‘hard no’.
For others, it’s emotionally painful.
Yet, there are some folks for which this truly is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
I am one of those folks.
I love Christmastime with a fiery vengeance!
Even the moments when I was in full on panic mode when we first got home from our trip, I still loved the holidays. I mean, I freaked out and declared I wasn’t going to decorate this year, but that was travel (and laundry) fatigue talking.
I was out the very next day, saw a bright red Jeep with a tree tied to the top and I was instantly in full on Christmastime mode!

As I consider my holiday joy, I find a great deal of gratitude.
Please indulge me as I share my gratitude and joy with you.

bucket list trip checked
three glorious weeks away with my husband
gorgeous weather in Costa Rica

outstanding customer service
not living in Panama City
strong black coffee
first hand knowledge of how lock systems work before entering the Panama Canal
an absolutely delightful lounge act (And he played our song!)
my precious husband drinking wine on the balcony all Thanksgiving day
City Lights Bookstore

YBW’s sense of humor
reading books
having my pillow on vacay
meeting new people
finding the most perfect hand carved nativity in Cartagena
stunning sunsets

photo cred: YBW

my laundry machines
sleeping in my own bed
coca cola
YBW’s patience
talking on the phone with Baby K
extremely detailed sub plans
with YBW on a blanket on the floor by the Christmas tree and fireplace
trees on cars
hugging Holly
movies with YBW (Knives Out)
a play and dinner with Mike and Josie
being with Thing 2 Friday
being with Thing 1, Husband N, and Baby K Sunday
holiday music
two of my three alternative healthcare providers
monogrammed rain boots
heated steering wheel

I feel absolutely merry and bright!

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a tune for Tuesday vol 52

I’ve written before how much I adore Brendan Benson’s music.
Here’s a Raconteurs song I especially love.
Check out Steady As She Goes.

Please listen responsibly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 51

Each time I hear this song, I love it just a little bit more.
Check out Peach Fuzz by Caamp.

Please listen responsibly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 50

The more I hear this song, the more I like it.
This is The Band CAMINO with their song, Daphne Blue.

Please listen responsibly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 49

I love this song, Charlie by Mallrat.
“I hope your dreams are amazing. I hope your dreams are amazing. I hope your dreams are amazing.”

Please listen responsibly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 48

This song’s grown on me and I find myself quite liking it.
Check out The Griswolds with Nice to Meet Ya!

Please listen responisbly.

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a tune for Tuesday vol 47

Absolutely love this song!
Here’s Cage the Elephant with Social Cues.

Please listen responsibly.

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