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Sunday morning at the home site 5.9.21

Flooring and tile.
Proper door handles and gold, nickel, black cabinet hardware.
Backsplash and waterfall.
The squee is real, y’all.

ground floor bath

Can you see that precious floor tile peeking out right by the tub?
Meanwhile it’s still the wrong cabinet and they’ve already built the countertop and sink.
I’m curious to see how this ends.

quartz waterfall

This kitchen is my favorite space.
I wonder if I’ll feel differently when the railing is finally up on the roof terrace?

quartz backsplash

gorgeous LVP floor

The raw wood on the banisters and the stair treads and landings will be stained dark to compliment the floors.

these banisters though

This blue wavy tile in my shower is downright life affirming!
I can hardly wait to get in there.

ocean waves

We’re still missing windows on the front…but we’ve been assured they’ll arrive “the beginning of May”.
The cabinet in that belongs in the loft powder room is still in the ground floor bathroom, and vice versa…but the building manager “informed the cabinet company”.

‘Tis but a scratch.
Am I right?

It’ll all get sorted before we sign our names, give them a shit-ton of money, and well before we move in.
In the meantime, I’m going to continue to squee!

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Sunday morning at the home site 5.2.21

Tuesday last I got a text from YBW.
This photo and his words, Flooring going in.

Because of that, I was more enthusiastic than normal to get to the house Sunday morning.
My enthusiasm paid off because floor tile was laid in both the main and hall bathrooms last week!

hall bath

our bath

All the tile for the ground floor bath is stacked up and waiting to go.

YBW found cool vent covers that use a piece of the flooring to blend into the floor. Now we’re on a mission to get enough pieces of each flooring type to make that work.
We found a small piece of the hall bath tile but none of the main bath. But, the dumpster sits right out in front of the house next door, so YBW checked to see what he could find.
We brought home some scraps and I washed them.

On the left is the main bath tile. Hall bath on the right.

AND(!!) we got the settlement date!
July 28.
Though it may sound far away, in reality it’s only around the corner!

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Sunday morning at the home site 4.25.21

On the way to the house I told YBW I was hopeful there would be cabinets in the house. He reminded me of proposed timing and dates and surmised there may not be cabinets. He didn’t want me to get my hopes up and be disappointed. I agreed with his point but reassured him I would remain hopeful. I looked at it this way, if cabinets were in I’d be happy, if they weren’t it didn’t hurt me to be hopeful about it, because they’d probably be in the following week.

G U E S S!! W H A T!!
Y’all! I came up the stairs and squealed! YBW was behind me but I simply couldn’t move. He said, “Stop squealing and take a picture!”
Oh yeah, he wanted to get up the stairs too.

The photo below is from the dining room, you can see the fridge cabinet in the foreground and the oven cabinet in the back.
The island sides aren’t painted because they’ll be covered with the quartz waterfall.

Each of the bathrooms have cabinets too. Only, the loft floor powder room’s white cabinet is down in the ground floor bath and that gray one is up in the loft. And y’all, I need that loft loo to be all white, I have big wallpaper plans for that space.

Our conundrum was how to report the news without spilling the beans that we’re there trespassing each week?
We began to talk it out, YBW was like, so we know we’re not supposed to be on property without and escort. He stopped and looked at me, I’m over here like, nope nope. I know eventually we’ll be locked out of the house and our Sunday morning ritual will have to end, but I’m not ready for that to happen just yet.
What we decided on was simply stating facts and I wrote an email to the building manager that looked a bit like: Hey, these cabinets are in the wrong place. Thanks.
(I wrote the email because YBW was driving)
We haven’t heard anything…yet.

I’m hopeful they don’t start locking us out now, but if they do, at least I’ve seen those gorgeous kitchen cabinets!
I grabbed his hand in the car and was like, do you have even a teeny bit of squee? I mean I don’t expect you to be on my level of squee, but are you excited?
He said, “Yes, I am excited, but what is a single light compared to the sun?”
He totally gets me!

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Sunday morning at the home site 4.18.21

When we rolled up to the house this week I had a little squee moment!

The railings for the front roof deck were in the garage.
The railing on the right goes along the front of the house, the left one goes along the side.

The trim and interior doors are in and painted too.
These doors are pantry, coat closet, and powder room on the main living level.

Railing for the back roof deck is ready to go in.

And the doors have their first coat of paint.

There was a hard hat sitting in the gravel out in front of the house, and I mean, what else was I going to do but pick it up and bring it home for Baby K to play with.

I sent this pic to Thing 1 and this was our exchange.

I actually cackled.
But here’s the thing, the garage door remains unlocked. So, while I may or may not have committed petty theft, we did not break and enter, we merely trespassed.
YBW said, “Not only did you admit your crime to your daughter, but now you’re blogging about it. Don’t you know you’re supposed to leave no evidence and just walk away?”

He made me laugh too, but it doesn’t really matter either way, the house (and it’s yard) are going to be ours soon enough.

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Sunday morning at the home site 4.11.21

As you can see, we’re still waiting for windows on the second and fourth floors. Apparently the black ones for the front of the house are on backorder.
But, we do have a ton of interior doors and trim in our garage, and they fixed the lights in the dining room. So that’s a win.

We have a stoop now, that means people can come visit us and get easily into the house.

First coat of paint is on the walls and I couldn’t be happier about how bright the space looks!
Navy cabinets will ground the space and we’ll bring in color and texture into our house with furniture, art, textiles, and plant life.

And the excitement builds!

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Sunday morning at the home site 4.4.21

Sunny and warm on Easter morning at ‘the house’ this week.
All the brick is finished. Of course, one of the front windows is now broken, so it’s always something, right?


The entire house is drywalled now!

main level

Mike and Josie met us at the house this week. We haven’t seen each other since Labor Day weekend and it was wonderful to hug our friends after so long!
(three of us have had both our covid vaccines and the other has had their first with the second scheduled for Monday next)

Y’all this house becomes more real each week! Soon though, it’ll be locked up and we won’t be able to wander around it on Sunday mornings. But soon enough after that we’ll spend each Sunday morning there, and we couldn’t be happier!

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Sunday morning at the home site 3.28.21

We have brick on the front of our house, y’all!

And the stacking doors are finally in the living room.

The bathrooms are beginning to come together.

hall bath

main bath shower

We found a couple of problems at our pre-drywall inspection meeting, all of which will be fixed to our specifications.
The sales team sent their weekly email yesterday. Looks like drywall installation is scheduled to begin the end of this week/beginning of next week.
At this point, we’re just waiting on the letter with the final walkthrough and settlement dates.


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Sunday morning at the home site 3.21.21

And then there was brick.
And a good color brick not that gross color brick like the house next to ours!

Pre-drywall inspection meeting is Tuesday afternoon and I know of two things that need to be fixed. Placement of the light cluster in the dining room and the lack of rain shower in our bathroom.
Of course, the giant stacking doors still aren’t in…
It’ll be interesting to see what they say about that.

We should get a completion date Tuesday. Even if it’s approximate, at least we’ll know better than we do now.
We’re so excited!

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Sunday morning at the house 3.14.21

We have insulation up in here.

Below the rooftop decks is spray insulation.

That’s the guest room, so when folks come to stay they’ll be nice and cozy under the small front roof deck.

The bricks are stacked up out front, but those huge stacking doors for the living room still aren’t in.

The pre-drywall inspection is scheduled for Tuesday next. According to my (half-assed googling) research it’s only 60-75 days to closing after that meeting! (Eep!)

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Sunday morning at the home site 3.7.21

It was sunny and cold at the house this week.

All the plumbing and electric seems to be finished, but low voltage wiring is still going in.
We should soon be scheduling the pre-drywall inspection.

The mechanical room is ready for the tankless water heater.

When I got to the landing on the stairs to the second floor, I actually said, “OH!” out loud because I saw this!

The beginnings of my kitchen!
Fridge on the left of the back wall, cooktop in the center, oven/microwave on the right.
The sink and dish washer in the island.

Oh my goodness, y’all! I’m so ready!

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