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a tune for Tuesday vol 175

The more I hear this song, the more I enjoy it.
I like the melody, kind of boppy (is that even a way to describe music anymore?), but that’s undermined by the darker lyrics.

Just off the highway
Beyond the part of primrose
They’re there in absentia
It’s a gallant, faint home
No no, you’re not invited
The door is always closed
There’s an ugly inside it
It’s where the pretty kids go
It’s where the pretty kids go

At the end of somewhere
Just beyond the turn
There’s a distant fire
I can smell it burn
See the shadows dancing
In the amber glow
Just outside of nowhere
It’s where the pretty kids go
It’s where the pretty kids go

Bad intentions
Broken by design
No exceptions
We’re just wasting time
If you don’t drink to Kool-Aid
Then you’ll really never know
What poison tastes like
It’s where the pretty kids go
It’s where the pretty kids go
It’s where the pretty kids go

Go, go

Just burned the city
Above that noise
When it’s straight in madness

Clearly I’m on about otherness lately…

Please listen responsibly.

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