whatcha think?

So, a person who was in YBW’s office has covid symptoms. *symptoms – not a diagnosis*
They found out Thursday morning about 10:15 and sent everyone home. I was shocked to find him home when I returned from the grocery store at noon.
Cleaners went in to do a deep clean and no one is allowed back in the office until Tuesday.

I asked if it was one of his coworkers. The answer is no.
They think it was an HVAC specialist who was in the office after hours.

So, yeah… that’s a thing.

YBW asked if he got sick would I want him to ‘move to the basement’ and stay put there for a few weeks.
I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.
I may have already been exposed, so is it actually helpful?
It’ll create more work for me if he moves downstairs, and that’s not at all helpful. I also wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care he might need.
On the other hand, it may help keep me healthy. And I’m all about being healthy, yo.
In the ten years we’ve been together, neither of us has ever been a contagious kind of sick.

I’m curious what y’all think.
How would you handle covid in your household? Would you separate if you could? Would you simply assume everyone had been infected and not change anything?
Any thoughts about what we might do?

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10 thoughts on “whatcha think?

  1. Well, we couldn’t individually quarantine, so it’s not an issue. But as the CDC just stated it’s highly unlikely to get it from surfaces, and it’s really person to person contact (this week anyway) I would probably not banish anyone to the basement unless you’re high risk.

    • Neither of us is high risk, so I think banishment is a bit much. We have each other’s ‘cooties’ as it is, right? And once again I’ll go all HSM and say ‘We’re all in this together.’ 😉

  2. I would treat the sick person as a unit (whoever lives together quarantines together) and mobilize the help of whomever is able for deliveries. This would be hard for me as I hate asking for help.

    • I’m with you, Claudette!
      One member of the household = all members of the household.
      I hear you with asking for help, not my forte either. But we’re fortunate to be in a place where most things can be delivered.

  3. If you are high risk I think the quarantine is a good idea but otherwise I think the household could best isolate all together. I hope no symptoms appear for anyone.

    • No high risk folks here, David. So if it comes to pass, we’re in it together.
      Thank you! Me too! ❤

  4. I would separate just in case. I think the amount of exposure also makes a difference in how hard someone takes COVID19.

  5. debscarey

    It’s a tricky question Robyn & one I’ve asked myself, as Himself has had to work throughout lock-down while I’ve always worked from home anyway.I would probably sleep separately, even though that would mean on the coach, but as our apartment is too small for total separation, I’m not sure how much good that would do. Hopefully, you’ll not have to face that reality.

    • Turns out we didn’t have to figure that out. It’s an interesting conversation to have, though, isn’t it?
      I hope you don’t have to answer those questions either, Deb! ❤

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