Spring is springing!

Spring is springing!

I say this because I saw my first redbud tree in bloom!


I saw two of them blooming like crazy as I drove to work this morning which made me aware of other signs of Spring that I saw; jonquils, little yellow faces searching for the sunshine and a bit of purple crocus poking up, I even saw one tulip tree in bloom. I have yet to see any dogwoods or forsythia, or the truest evidence of Spring, robin birds. But it’s early still so I’m practicing my patience as I wait for these proclaimers of Spring.

This time of year I begin to notice the gorgeous pink blossoms and find myself getting excited because I know soon I’ll see the white of dogwoods beginning to blossom and after that, forsythia, wild and reaching blooming in that gorgeous riot of yellow.

I grew up in a yard filled with hydrangeas and azaleas and sweet bud trees, (if these have a real name I don’t know what it is) forsythia, mock orange and an apple tree. Spring was the most delicious smelling, color-filled adventure you ever experienced!

Spring is the season of my birth, perhaps that’s why I have such an affinity for it. Though it is not my “favorite” season, there are things about Spring that are truly a part of me, these blooming trees and plants and of course, the robins.
My mom and I always used to point out the “first” robin of Spring, when I was a little girl, oftentimes we would be together when this happened…as time went on and we lived twenty minutes away from each other it might be a phone call or if we were really fortunate we might be together. Seventeen years ago when she moved from Virginia to Florida, it was always a phone call, and they came so much sooner than ever before! Only once in all that time did I call the first robin before she did, and I had just moved from Virginia to South Carolina.
What can we take from this? Virginia robins are SLACKERS!

Anyway, the redbuds are blooming here in SC which means all the others are soon to follow, I wait with baited breath to see the dogwoods and forsythia. The robins need to get up with the get down and come out to play!

Keep a weathered eye out yall!

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