Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Normally I’m pretty “bah humbug” about this day…the folks I love know I love them all the days. That said, I have always made or given special valentine pressies to my girls.

This is the first year Thing 1 isn’t going to have her pressie on V Day…she’s away at school you see, but I talked with her today and she’s coming home next weekend so I won’t have to wait too long. Thing 1 has a boyfriend down at school and I suspect there will be some sort of valentine for them. She told me they’re having a Harry Potter party tomorrow with all the wands and golden snitches, so I think she’s more excited about that than a valentine pressie from her Mommie…until she sees it! Happy Valentine’s Day to you my very first girl! I lovey you oh my goodness!

Thing 1's pressie!

Thing 1’s pressie!

Thing 2 is another matter entirely. She is in an interesting phase of development…picture if you will a girl who fits the name Perky McSassy Pants. Well that’s my baby! Full of joy and verve and zany madcap humor. Lately though she’s been more like…Grouchy McBitchy Pants. Not really in a bad way, and certainly developmentally appropriate…but I’m noticing how bitter she is!
(side note: isn’t interesting when you see traits in your kids you don’t like within yourself?)
So Thing 2 has vehemently boycotted Valentine’s Day this year. She dressed herself from head to toe in black today, and I mean from her undergarments to the black boots on her feet and black beanie atop her head!
I asked her if she would be my valentine and her reply was no, but I’ll accept gifts…yeah, that makes me want to pressie her up!
Suck it up Thing 2 its Valentine’s Day and I love you more than the moon and stars!

Thing 2's pressie!

Thing 2’s pressie!

I made a pressie for my sweetheart too! It’s the Happy Valentine’s Day Mix, or more simply, looove mix 3 (the extra O’s are because Thing 2 decided they were important 3 years ago when I first started seeing this man)
The first two looove mixes were filled with love and sex songs which made me think of him or the way it feels to be in love with him…they came about in a rather organic way, but this valentine disc was created deliberately. I’ve been listening to it over and over today, I sure hope he digs it!

YBW's pressie!

YBW’s pressie!

Here’s the playlist just in case you’re nosy…but you don’t get the liner notes because they’re just for my sweetheart.
a little less conversation by elvis presley
crazy in love by kane
breathless by the corrs
let’s never stop falling in love by pink martini
all dressed in love by jennifer hudson
I found you by alabama shakes
hallelujah I love him so by eva cassidy
mad about you by hooverphonic
love song by 311
falling in love in a coffee shop by landon pigg
18th floor balcony by blue october
if you love me by bb king with van morrison
everything by alanis morissette
bound by love by gran bel fisher
love you till the end by the pogues
lights on by the pierces
sunshine of my love by cream
I think I love you by david cassidy

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!
I kiss you all!

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