Blue felt patch

I am exactly where I belong and LOVE is in me!

Leaving the grocery store I saw a mom and little girl getting into their car. The little girl’s outfit caught my eye (brown ugg-like boots with white tights and a pink tutu dress with a gray zip up hoodie) and then she turned around.
I was jolted with electricity.
She had a blue felt patch with a smiling yellow sunshine over her little glasses.

the patch with the last glasses it was worn over

I stopped and said, excuse me.
The mom looked up and I said, I don’t mean to interrupt your morning but I just wanted to say…I paused, golly I had so much to say with no idea how to say it all and I couldn’t take my eyes off that little girl’s face.
I composed myself and continued, when my daughter was little she had the exact same patch for her glasses.
The little girl’s smile matched my own.
Do you like your patch?
Yes ma’am.
And you wear it like you’re supposed to?
She nodded grinning.
Good for you! I promise you if you keep wearing it, it will make a big difference. My daughter is big now and doesn’t have to wear hers anymore, but I still have it.
You do?
Oh yes I had to keep it because it is so special, it helped her see better.
The little girl smiled SO big.
I thanked the mom for their time and to have a nice day.
My heart is near bursting.
I have no idea what our encounter meant to them, but I can tell you I am filled with such joy it has nowhere to go but out my eyes!

In this moment I feel completely connected to the world around me and know I have a purpose in being present.
The trick will be to learn how to hold onto that feeling when I go back to the tedious chore of living my everyday life.

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