how very Robynbird

So we have to answer these questions and talk about them with the priest before she’ll marry us. (Y’all, she’s the funniest thing! She said, “I mean, I’m a girl in a collar! How cool is that?”)
It’s not quite “marriage counseling”…but it’s the way they do it in the Episcopal church. Which is cool with me because I’m taking it seriously and answering them with thought and from my heart.

For the most part.
I say this because the second question is as follows:

What personal strengths do you bring to a relationship?
I wrote:
I’m a BAMF!

Yes, I swear to you I did.
Now, I followed it up with more appropriate things that I can’t share with you, because YBW reads these words and we promised we wouldn’t talk about the questions or our answers until we shared them when we meet with A next week.
I do bring pretty spectacular personal strengths to my relationships that go beyond those four letters. But I liked that they were succinct.

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7 thoughts on “how very Robynbird

  1. So glad your brain is not increasing it’s expansion and so very sorry about the swelling. So stressful!
    I am so silly but can you tell me what the initials stand fot?

    • Thank you, Robin! The news is promising.
      You’re not silly…The initials mean: Bad Ass Mother F….er
      It’s foul-mouthed but amused me to no end. 😉

  2. I say, you have it all! I was raised Episcopalian and I was one of the first female acolytes in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a good church for sharing and community service.
    Thanks for sharing the meaning in the initials. You go!

    • I was raised United Methodist, was an acolyte, active in the youth ministry and in the choir. But I have dear friends who are Episcopalian and my former spouse was raised Episcopalian too, so I’ve experience with the services, etc. I love this little congregation and priest, they’ve got a comfy combination of ritual (which is what I love most about church) but a modern sense of interaction that I can really relate to.
      And when YBW and I met with A last week she loved my answer! So her sense of humor is right up my alley!

      • I am glad that we have found some similarities between us. Also, happy priest was not shocked. A is so cool and a girl with a collar 🙂

      • Similarities apart from “just” our name? 😉
        After meeting with A a couple times and being in her church, watching how she interacts with her congregation I felt safe being able to use the letters…I would never have said the word to her! Her reaction was one of general amusement and I knew I’d made the right choice to just “be me” for that split second.
        It’s not often that I give myself permission to acknowledge my positive skulls or traits so I took that opportunity to go at it full force!

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