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IWotB 2021 edition ~ day six

I left the house at eight am Friday morning and didn’t return to it until nearly eight pm.
It was exhausting.
However, I was able to have a really great day!

I went to Lidl to pick up a pod swing Thing 1 wanted for Baby K.
Across the street to Costco for gas. (pulled right up to the pump, thank goodness)
After that, I was at a loss. I had to meet YBW at the new house at 11:30 so I just needed to kill time until then.
Turns out, Nora was available to meet for breakfast, so that killed an hour.
I came back to my neighborhood to drop off something for Meredith and Beau’s mom. (down the street there were three cars in front of my house – all the randos)

At the new house, YBW and I met with the building manager. He was making his list and I was adding to it. He was sincerely apologetic about the cabinets, saying he had spoken with the cabinet guy but then dropped the ball on following up. Fortunately, he was meeting with the cabinet guy right after he saw us, so we’re all gonna cross our fingers.
Our meeting was productive, and I’m content I didn’t have to use my teacher voice with him.
Shame they have to do more work, but that bit isn’t my problem.
Apparently the windows are ‘still coming’ the question is when…

It was 12:20 when I hit the road out to Thing 1’s house. Baby K was asleep when I arrived, so I was able to help Thing 1 do a bit of work around the house.
They’re finally settling in, they have much more to do, but in the six weeks they’ve lived there, they’ve made decent progress.
Last week, she took a bunch of plants home from our house and they’re on the porch at her house looking somewhat healthy. Husband N was working from home Friday and cleared all the unkempt flower bed so they could assess what was there (peonies and lilacs and hostas), and begin to decide where to plant other things.
Y’all, their house is so damn precious and I love seeing them turn it into their home!

My tiny girl work from her nap as I was in the kitchen washing my hands. She saw me and stopped, it took a moment to register what was up.
I said, “Hi Chicken.”
She said, “BEE!” and ran to me wrapping her arms around my legs and squeezing me tight, then she planted a big kiss on the back of my thigh.
I quickly dried my hands and scooped her up.
All the Baby K love!
Thing 1 needed to go to Target, so we three girls had a little road trip. OK, their Target is small, but good. And has some seriously great employees! Super helpful and friendly.

I was meeting YBW at the Mexican joint for dinner, so I left my daughter’s family at six and was sitting down to a big ass bowl of queso about forty minutes later.

First day of showings saw fifteen appointments and three agents contacted ours saying their clients were planning to write offers.
We’ll see how that goes.

Day six of International Week of the Birthday was even more wonderful than I expected!
I got to see two of my friends, my husband at the new house (in the middle of the day no less), spent time with my daughter and granddaughter, did a Target run, and had melty cheese!
I’ll take it!

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a “date” with Thing C

YBW’s Thing C is one of my very favorite human beings! I absolutely adore this young man! He is kind and compassionate with a wicked sharp sense of humor.
We talk of music and movies and books and girls.
We share music, I’m educating him on some seriously old school classic and punk rock and he’s helped me learn to love Dave Grohl.
I’ve seen Fight Club (and loved it) because of him and he’s watched Some Like it Hot (and loved it) because of me. (This is only the tip of the iceberg.)
We share a love of Shakespeare and The Great Gatsby and so much so that this year on his birthday, he decided he wanted to rewatch the new Gatsby movie simply because I had not yet seen it. We’ve read and discussed plays and I’m absolutely dying to take him to the American Shakespeare Center/Blackfriar’s Playhouse when something we’re both interested in is playing.
I ask questions about girls because he doesn’t really seem to talk to either YBW or his mom about them, sometimes it’s good to have a “grown-up” who loves you and keeps you safe that isn’t exactly your parent to say those kinds of things to. I even tried to set him up with a girl who works part time at my school (she’s the same age and goes to the same local university as him), this didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to…though perhaps it did, she wasn’t interested…which means she’s not as awesome as I first suspected. Both my two Things have met this girl and decided she’s stupid because our Thing C is a catch!
Neither one of us really likes Asian food very much but we both love Mexican…we plan silly little “dates” to have Mexican food just because we can.

When I see his car parked in front of our house when I drive up I get so excited! It means good conversation and laughs and perhaps something new to share. I am always met with a hug and a sincere interest in my day.

Thing 2 left today to head back to her daddy…Sundance took her to the train station…I was feeling a bit sad when I came home from school, but when I turned the corner onto our street I saw his car in front of the house and I was instantly smiling!
After big hugs, we talked about a gig he’s playing (He’s a bassist.) and whether or not I was to photograph it for them we also read the most inappropriate comment strand on one of my friend’s fb statuses and laughed at the complete lack of propriety. (Should I be ashamed of myself? I’m not.)

This might seem like a strange post…but Thing C has been visiting his grandparents in the lone star state for the last two weeks and I missed him so there was big love and happiness today!
Since YBW and Thing G have plans for tomorrow we’ve planned a “date” to go get Mexican food and discussed lying on the sofa to watch my favorite movie of all time, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Then perhaps we’ll go over the used bookstore and see what moves us. It’s going to be a great Saturday!

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