Beyond the Eats for Thing 1’s birthday

Thing 1 is twenty eight today!
Please join me in wishing my very first girl the happiest birthday!

To celebrate the anniversary of her birth we went Sunday evening to see a guy she’s been watching for over twenty years.

We had VIP tickets which admitted us to a small group Q and A before the live show.

Thing 1 asked what was his favorite episode of Good Eats to make.
He told her, “The House That Dripped Chocolate.”
She said, “Oh my God! That gave me nightmares!”
He got all smiley and said, “Really?”
She confirmed and told him it was so creepy.
Then with the most sincere joy, Alton Brown thanked my daughter.
Y’all, she’s gonna hold that forever!

Alton began his Beyond the Eats show by sharing his ‘culinary regrets’. Telling the true story of his five year old self making s’mores for his family with ex lax chocolate he’d found in his visiting aunt’s belongings.

Audience members were invited onstage to play a food quiz game called Eat This.

Today, Thing 1, Baby K, and I will go to lunch and visit our favorite bookshop before they return home to celebrate with Husband N when he gets home from work.

My girl was born on a dark and stormy night this day twenty eight years ago.
She made me a Momma and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Happy Birthday, Bear!
I love you more than the whole wide world!

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One thought on “Beyond the Eats for Thing 1’s birthday

  1. Awesome! Happy Birthday!

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