what’s your favorite

Time for another round of faves.
I’m hungry this morning so I’m going to do food and drinks.

Y’all ready to play?

What’s your:

favorite breakfast food
french toast with butter and powered sugar

favorite Thanksgiving food
stuffing (not cornbread and no oysters)

favorite cereal
Life (but I only eat it dry)

favorite Asian dish
tom kha soup and khao pad bai kraprow

favorite way to eat bacon
I will eat it on a train
I will eat it in the rain
I will eat it in the house
I will eat it (but not share it with) a mouse
I will eat it here or there
I will eat it anywhere
(Props to Dr Seuss)

favorite comfort food
my grandma’s macaroni and cheese (mine is *almost* as good as hers was)

favorite alcoholic drink
(currently) this delicious concoction of cranberry vodka, dry apple cider, vanilla and spices, garnished with sliced apples, dried cranberries and a cinnamon stick

favorite thing to cook
(and I mean a big ass farmer’s breakfast for a house full of folks)

favorite cake
angel food garnished with mixed berries and sometimes (homemade) whipped cream

favorite fast food restaurant
Nando’s or Chipotle

What are your favorites?

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24 thoughts on “what’s your favorite

  1. Yes! I love all of this. And we read Dr. Seuss daily in our household, so thank you for that. ๐Ÿ•Š

  2. Oh, and I love eggs and cheese, in ANY variety. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Yay! I love breakfast so this is hard…Iโ€™ll go with eggs Benedict. Sausage stuffing. Cheerios. Love bacon. But I donโ€™t like it crisp, I like it with chew. Always thick cut. Comfort food. Wide egg noodles with butter and pepper. Champagne, sparkling wine or cocktail made with. I love to cook…my favorite thing is anything I havenโ€™t cooked in that way before because Iโ€™m a recipe girl. Thereโ€™s a bakery in my area, Lady M, which makes a Mille crepe cake. Best thing ever. After that, strawberry short cake. Shake shack. Though I like Taco Bell.

  4. Asian….my favorite restaurant makes this dish they call dry chicken. Love it. Also bel Puri (sp) Thai red curry, pho, ramen…

  5. Your drink looks delicious btw!!

  6. You cannot beat a really good full English breakfast. โค
    I really like to cook steak and a hacker potato, it should be easy, but it’s hard to get the combined exactly right. ๐Ÿ˜Žโค

  7. Jacket potato !!!!

  8. I could go for Tom Kha anytime.

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