of no party or clique

I’m sad, angry, hurt, and frustrated.

I never pay attention to the rumor mill at my school because I am a grown-up and not a seventh grader with a bank account. But there is a “new and exciting” rumor about me and it was brought to my attention by the one person I really trust. She shared it with me out of love.

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t really talk about other people. (Well, I guess I sometimes do, but never where I work. I’m not a gossip.) I’m a listener. I have a knack for listening to everyone and never repeating what I hear.
I’m that person who’s not really in any “party” or “clique” but everyone likes to talk to. I hear the most awful things. I also hear some wonderful things.
I don’t know if people talk about me or not. I honestly don’t care. I’m me and that’s quite enough.

The rumor that was brought to my attention is that I “laid hands on” a child and another teacher in the building didn’t want her kid in my class.
I cannot express how much this sickened and upset me. I’m stern and no-nonsense but I am also loving and playful and for someone to accuse me of hurting a child honestly makes me sick.

I went to the curriculum director this morning (our director got hitched this weekend and is out for her honeymoon) with a whole lot of WTF?
She was appalled! She had no idea about this. She has not been told by a parent or another teacher. She says she knows me and knows what I’m like with kids and while “I’m very stern I’m the most loving” teacher. She was apologetic that this happened and she’s going to investigate.
I thanked her and shared the news that I’m considering leaving this summer. I assured her it had nothing to do with this situation, that it was simply time for me to hang up my spurs.

I have spent the better part of the last twenty years working with young children. I absolutely can’t believe anyone would think I didn’t always try to do what’s best for children.

I’m disappointed that my name finally got dragged into the rumor mill. But I’m absolutely heartbroken that this is what the subject matter is.
I know the people that “matter” know there is not truth to it. Parents and children and my co-teacher and the administration know the truth. Most importantly, I know the truth.
Doesn’t make it any less hurtful.

One more reason in my list of why I should be finished here, I guess.

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5 thoughts on “of no party or clique

  1. I understand what it is like to have false rumors spread, although never to that degree of implication. I agree that it is sickening. I hope that the director is able to shut the rumors down and provide you with some closure.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. I find it difficult because I’ve decide it’s time for me to leave the classriom…but not in the midst of this. I know the truth. And honestly, that’s what matters.
      Thank you for your kindness. ❤

    • Classroom. Stupid phone. The ONE time it doesn’t auto correct.

  2. First of all, so glad you went and told someone, which may help to put a stop to such a ridiculous and slanderous statement!
    I am very sorry for this rumor, but hope it is false that it exists. I mean, I have been told rumors by people and they were the ones who started them. I just hope it is not being spread around. Maybe even asking with a member of the staff, the actual person who is not placing their child in your class, “Why aren’t you considering your child being placed in my classroom?” It may really reveal the truth and maybe, you can clear this up! I was a teacher, which makes me feel very sympathetic to your situation. I will pray about this, too.

    • Thank you, Robin. I approached the parent/teacher about her child, she assured me it wasn’t my co-teacher or me. Which makes me sad, because I know she didn’t want her kid in our class because first she requested us then suddenly the child is in the other class and the administrators shared her desire for change. Just tell me to my face, you know?
      I’ve been reassured by the administrators that they’ve not heard the rumor. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt it isn’t true. I was encouraged to “consider the source” another teacher who just loves to gossip.
      I’m feeling much better today. Parents are literally clamoring to be in my class. I must be doing something right.
      Thank you for your prayers and sympathy. I appreciate it so much. ❤

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