Sunday morning at the home site 1.31.21

We’ve got windows!

It was cold and snowy when we woke Sunday morning. But that didn’t stop us from going over to the house.
Thing 1 and Baby K got all bundled up and went with us.

Inside the garage huge stacking sliding doors are leaning against the wall. The ones for our house and the house next door.
One of the windows broke, the glass swept into a huge pile. Of course Baby K decided that was where she wanted to play. Her mom decided the best way to get her out of the glass in the garage was to plop her down into the living space.
YBW wanted to show me something on the side of the house so I told her we were going around the side and would meet them in the back.
When we got around the side of the house, this is what we saw.

She was saying, “Papa!” right as I took that photo.
Y’all this kid loves her some Papa.
Papa loves him some Baby K too, so it’s a match made in Heaven!

The stairs were scheduled to be delivered late last week or early this week. Since there were no stairs it looks like early this week. Maybe next Sunday we’ll have some!
The back of the house has some windows, but is waiting for the those big ass sliding doors to go in.

It’s beginning to look like a proper house now, y’all!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday morning at the home site 1.31.21

  1. 💗

  2. So exciting! Piece by piece. 👏🏻

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