Sunday morning at the home site 1.17.21

Not much changed since last week.
I was itching to climb that ladder up into that third floor window, but YBW was not having it.
He wants me to be safe, not reckless.
He has a point…especially since Baby K was eyeballing that ladder too.

It rained/snowed Saturday night so there was a puddle in the house Sunday morning.
Just right for a bit of splashing.

She took her hat off because it was getting in her eyes. Of course then her hair was all staticky and she was trying to keep it out of her face. She loved that splashing though!

In the space between the front door and the garage door is written important construction information.

120 is our lot number.
Rear deck will be off the living room.
Elite option means we’re an end unit.
Rooftop terrace 2 means there will be a small front porch on the fourth floor.
Additional bath is pretty self explanatory…a powder room becomes a full bath on the ground floor.
12 foot stacking door is a giant telescoping door in the living room onto the rear deck.

Feeling excited!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday morning at the home site 1.17.21

  1. 💗💗💗💗

  2. Long ladders are never a good idea. 😎

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