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I Lula(ed) my ass off for two days straight! Four big boxes of merch came Thursday and Friday and I spent yesterday photographing and hanging it up. (Heading back down this morning to finish the job.)
I only pulled two pieces to keep for myself. Of course I chose the Sarah, a duster length cardigan that has the highest retail price of the entire line. But one of them is a duplicate so that’s kind of OK. And more importantly, if I’m wearing the merch, I look adorable and I feel comfy and that, my dears, is the best possible advertising!

What I love about lula is that you can integrate it into your daily wardrobe by mixing and matching with pieces you already have.
I wear my own sweaters over my lula all the time. Sweaters from Target and Old Navy. I pair tops, and even the Julia dress as a tunic with jeans. Leggings are fun with regular tees or button downs and sweaters. You can make it yours in so many different ways!

I created some seriously cute outfits I’d like to share with you. Some of the lula is mine I mixed with items in my store. The jeans and button down are obviously mine and all the funky jewelry is mine. For shoes, I’m imagining anything from boots to flats, chunky heeled mary janes to low top Converse.


I already own the Azure skirt in this photo, the top is a duplicate Irma. That Sarah sings an aria to me! It might move from the rack in my store to my personal closet.


This is a Julia dress paired with a Sarah. I love the colors in this outfit…unfortunately it’s not in my size.


I can’t even with this one! How cute is this, all pink and floral? Interestingly enough, I’d probably not wear it, but I think it’s precious! Cassie skirt and Irma tunic with a Joy to complete the look.


I like the colors in this Sarah. It’s shown with an Irma tunic and leggings.


It’s a bit “red white and blue”, but I like it. This Sarah is easy to add to things I already own and wear pretty regularly. And it would make a great Opening Day outfit at Nats Park come April!


This Carly is mine. And I mean mine mine mine!! I coveted this dress for quite a while before I bought it from another consultant. I’m dying to wear it with my own brown sweater and tights and boots now, but won’t it be cute with bare legs and little ballet flats in the Spring? The Sarah will stay in my shop.
LuLaRoe has just started using brown in their fabrics. It’s about freaking time!


This is a Julia dress with a Cassie skirt over it topped off by a Sarah cardigan. I designed it for a customer of mine. She loved it!


I’m not the biggest fan of a maxi skirt, but the one Lula makes is actually quite nice. This is a very colorful combination that struck me as just good fun. Classic T with the Maxi and Sarah, the purple are leggings I used for color as a scarf.


I love this one!
Classic T that already hangs in my closet, my jeans and a Cassie skirt as scarf topped with a Sarah. This Sarah is a duplicate, so moving it to my personal closet won’t make too much difference. I still haven’t decided if I can or cannot live without it. Stay tuned!

When I was a little girl, I loved to play with Barbie dolls. The ‘Great Barbie Controversy’ really frustrates me. Any parent who hands their child (girl or boy) a Barbie without conversation isn’t fit to be a parent in my opinion!
To me, Barbie was never some unattainable body goal. She was a dress up doll! I loved to dress her up in all her beautiful clothes and shoes. And those special moments when my mom would get her 1950s and 1960s Barbies out of the attic for me to play with were like Christmas!! Those Barbies had lace undergarments and pretty little gloves! They were SO much fancier than my 1970s and 1980s Barbies.
I’ve always loved clothes. Went through a phase (most of my life) in which I had no real style, but it didn’t stop me loving clothes!
For me LuLaRoe is kind of like playing dress up all over again. Only now I have a headless dress dummy instead of Barbie dolls.
I love putting clothes together in new and different ways. I’m a total clothes whore.
As I’ve gotten older, I’m letting go of those “mustn’ts” and “shouldn’ts” when it comes to clothes. I’m mixing and matching in ways that are artistic and comfortable, and I absolutely love it!
Though one mustn’t I strictly abide is ‘no white after Labor Day’…Southern girls know that intrinsically. I love the way it looks when someone pairs white jeans with something cute in the fall or winter, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
Anyway, it’s about time for me to go Lula! Y’all have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “fun with lularoe

  1. cute, smart, classy ❤

  2. eastcoastapproach

    Hi there! I just sent in my paperwork to be a new consultant and am I so excited!!! Absolutely lovely outfits! Fantastic!

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